Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"What's That?"

Keith and I were walking along Moran on our way home from our nightly constitutional when we heard a strange quavering call. "What's that?" I asked. We stopped to listen. "A cat?" Keith asked? "It doesn't sound like a cat to me," I answered, "it sounds like a screech owl. Maybe it's a Halloween recording." Keith stopped and looked up into the closest tree--there was a lump up there. I got my binoculars out of my pocket and sure enough, it was a little screech owl. After we'd watched it a while, I decided to attempt a photo, but it flew just as I got the camera ready. We were pleased. We hadn't expected to have a nature encounter two doors down from our house in the city on a dark rainy night.


Tizio said...

Hi mary, the turtle cptured on my blog is an "Emys orbicularis".

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Ah, the Euopean pond turtle, thank you very much. Lovely photo.